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We See Things Differently


We start at the paper. To many it just holds ink, but for us, it is where it all begins.


Paper Cost

Long ago, when technology meant an adding machine, printers priced their products by multiplying paper by three, and that was the price they charged for print. Along came computers and project pricing software, which proved to verify that paper times three really was accurate.

That told us what we already knew. Paper is at the heart of any print project. At Legends Sourcing, we understand that fact. It is our philosophy that there are no small details. We don’t take anything for granted. We know that if we build a project on a strong foundation, we will end up with the best results possible.

Be it in our paper sourcing, direct mail production, or creative and list strategies, we pay strong attention to every facet (we don’t like the belittling word “detail”) and make your project a success.

Joyce Mandell

Joyce Mandell


Joyce Mandell leads and promotes many charitable and philanthropic initiatives and programs.

Many of these programs are supported through endowments from a family foundation that Joyce manages and these include:

  • The Mandell Center for Multiple Sclerosis
  • Neuroscience Research at Mt. Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital in Hartford, Ct.
  • The Mandell Jewish Community Center in West Hartford, CT
  • Mandell Family Hall – a residence hall at Babson College
  • The Mandell Academy for Teachers at the Connecticut Science Center, which provides educators with professional experiences to augment their ability to teach Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)
  • Boys & Girls Club of Hartford

Women's Business Enterprise National Council

We are proud WBENC members. As a woman owned-business, we feel a responsibility to deliver a level of value and service that that leads our industry for our company and other woman-owned enterprises.